Apr 28, 2008

Its Monday! Its Monday! Im so glad its Monday!

It's once again a glorious Monday! I hope each of you enjoyed your days with your families. We visited yet another church yesterday and it was FABULOUS!! The preacher spoke about a scripture in Romans. Basically his whole point was...are you walkin the walk? And how many of us as Christians are asleep? It was truly a great passage and the whole service was very inviting. People were sincerely nice and well...Lord Jesus, we might have found a place!!!

Isnt this card great? I love these stamps. Cause you can make it a double decker a single scoop or even take it to the ceiling like this one!!! After I colored the icecream I coated each scoop with a nice layer of glass finish! WOOHOO! I love it!
And the sprinkles on top are puffy paint!!

I also got another fantastic award gifted to me by LORI! This is the circle of friends. And I have sooo many! This will be super difficult to pick. But...here goes.

Jennifer: For always being there for me to rant and rave to.

Chelsey: For listening to my pesky questions and loving me anyways.

Allison Brady: One of the newer blogsites I frequent, because she has shown me what a TRUE Christian is!

Jennifer: Always being uber inspiring.

Jenn: My day to day inspiration! She is my sanity often times when I know I have lost it!

Melinda: My long lost friend! Praise God for the internet as we have found friendship once again!

Go and be blessed!!!--B


Anonymous said...

Becky that was so sweet! I struggle just like everyone else...All I can do is be true to who I am, and love the lord, and live for him...We are currently looking for a church as well...Im glad you had a wonderful weekend, as we worked nights all weekend and have one more...BTW..The ice cream is so neat...You are so crafty, and very very good @ it!!!!

Monkey Giggles said...

I love the card. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I tagged you on my blog..I hope you will come & participate!!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks Becky!

I'm so glad to be back in touch after all these years. Definitely a blessing!

Love the card! It makes me feel hungry and so not crafty. I think I'm getting a complex. :-)

I think you are amazing.

Jennifer said...

Hey Becky!
Thanks for the award!
I'm so glad to know you....I love reading your blog!

I hope you are having a grrrreat weekend!!