Apr 17, 2008

Hi Friends...Its me, Margaret

HEY GUYS! I am back! Its been a heck of a week. Both kids and hubby have gone through the stomach virus and I am STILL battling a tooth ache. Dentist didnt do any work to me on Tuesday when I went it, just got antibiotics and an appointment. UGH! But, I DO believe that everyone is on the mend and everyone is back in school. Where does that leave me? At home with backed up chores and lots to do. So I have been busy busy.
BUT! Look at this stamp set. Its a new one that Marilyn got and I am so jealous. How much fun is it?? I cant wait to meet up with her again so that I can stamp some more images.

Whats up with you today? I hope your schedules are allowing you to be more creative than I have been lately!

Have a fantastic day!--Make it blessed...B


Moose Ridge said...

missed you! I'm jealous that you got art done in spite of everything -- by time I get home at night, I just want to sit and be a couch potato!!

Dunlap TN

Jennifer said...

Oh no. I am glad everyone is getting better now though.

Lori Stilger said...

Hey, darlin'! So sorry I haven't been on to chat this week - it's been CRAZY trying to get ready to leave for a week. AUGH!
LOVE all the cards you've posted - they're awesome. Glad you like Marilyn's stamp set.... ;D
Love your mouses card. :D
Love you! Talk to you SOMEtime.... I'm off!

Jean said...

Great cards glad I stopped by.