Apr 10, 2008

Furry Friday is back!--cept its Thursday

No, I dont make it a habit to dress the balls in our home, but it seemed to be the closest thing in size that I had to model this making. This is 100% beaver. It took 2 beavers to do it. They call this the RUSSIAN Style trooper hat. Yay~ its done! Now on to teddy bears!

Hannah has entered that silly stage where her little baby teeth are slowly falling out. She can truly be singing the ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH now. Isnt it adorable???
And Twink....ohhhhhh Twink. I have been gathering papers and receipts for taxes. And do you NOTICE where she thought she might need to sleep?? I read somewhere (on someones blog) yesterday that a cat has the ingenious ability to find the place to sleep that is the least convenient for you. HA! I wonder if this qualifies as that? Yes, those ARE the papers that I was working with up until I got up to get the camera! ~sigh~ Gotta love her!!!

How was YOUR day? Did you create anything??

1 comment:

Moose Ridge said...

are those really boxes of unmounted stamps all nicely labeled and categorized behind Twink? I cannot imagine that type organization -- LOL, I'm lucky if I can find anything!!