Apr 9, 2008


I am having serious trouble with my MoJo. I whipped out this card today cause my friends Birthday is on Friday and if I dont get this in the mail TODAY it wont make it. But am I overly thrilled. NO! I just cant seem to get it together. Maybe its the fact that you cant even SEE my desk?? I have sooo many projects going on that I am not getting ANY of them done right.

I hope that YOUR day is a little less cluttered!


Moose Ridge said...

see the desk? I can't see the floor.... sigh... we're going to change that, aren't we??? LOL


Janet said...

I feel your pain!! my entire life feels cluttered that way!! there are sooooo many variables and everything is up in the air. the only thing I know for sure is that I am getting married Aug. 30. I don't know where or have any details nailed down or anything and don't even get me started on jobs. I am resolved to letting God work that out - including where we will live based on the job situation! I hate feeling so out of control but at least I know and trust who is in control so I guess its not as bad as it appears!

have a wonderful day!