Apr 23, 2008


This time for the basket I paper pieced it together. Can you tell I am havin a good time with this stamp?? Anyways, this technique is simple, just merely stamp the image on the different colors. If you like to color and shade, remember to use a LIGHTER color of paper to start with. Like the apples are stamped on yellow and then I colored the red on there.

I sure hope that your day is also pieced together with good things.
I am hanging in there. My tooth is about to send me into orbit. Its sposed to feel BETTER right? I endured yesterday and now its sposed to be perfect??? Huh? Huh? Huh? Of course it doesnt matter in the fact that I have the pain tolerance of ZERO! I will make it through, but I will have to whine through it all...you know that right?
Go now, create something and bless someone with it....enjoy your day!!!


Jennifer said...

You are such a crafty chic!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your tooth feels better...I have had 2 Root Canal's in my life, the 1st one hurt like crazy, then my denist referred me to a guy in abingdon..said he was the best, 2nd time I never felt a thing...If i ever have to have another one...I will defiantly go back to him!!!