Mar 9, 2008

Soooo thankful for East Tennessee Weather!

The snow came. Down in blankets. It was like we had been transported straight to the North Pole. It was gorgeous!!
The kids of course loooooved it. They played and played and played!

Cyris even had a good time. Looking for all of this favorite toys that were strewn around the yard. Eating snow and of course torturing the children.

Twink was all too happy to enjoy the fluffy white stuff from THIS side of the picture window. I did, however take her outside a little later. She did the tippy toe dance and nearly knocked me over trying to get back into the house. Awww such a panty waste!

Now, we might not have all the snow clothes and STUFF needed to play out in the snow, since it only comes once a year (if that) but you can bet that I will ALWAYS be prepared with hot chocolate for the tummies when they come in.

Thankfully the snow is all gone and its sposed to reach back up into the 50s today. Now THAT is a snow storm that I can handle! I gotta admit, I am soooo ready for summer. No wait...make that spring. Not quite ready for 90s yet...but green grass and sunshine for certain!

Make it a blessed day.--b

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