Mar 7, 2008

Its Friday!

Heather asked me last night if I was making a card for myself. Yes, once again the bug has bit me on the butt! I have the sore throat and headache...AGAIN! I swear this season there has rarely been a day that ONE of us is not feeling SOMETHING. Whether it be a sniffle or a slight headache or sore throat or SOMETHING. I am soooo ready for this time of year to move on through and we can all feel great again.

Of course, here I am...complaining of cold like symptoms and my all time favorite heart throb PATRICK SWAYZE was diagnosed with Cancer this week. My friend told me about it...and I of course did everything in my power to not believe her. I mean...nahhhh surely not. Hes a good guy and things like that dont happen to GOOD guys. I am thankful to find out that the initial reports of less than 5 weeks to live were simply untrue. But still devastated in the news just the same.

I mean, I am sure that 90% of you ladies out there that are around my age had a secret (or like me, very public) crush on Johnny from Dirty Dancing...I had a life sized poster of this man in my room for crying out loud!!

And to think that he has been married to the same woman for 32 years and continued to grow his career....a remarkable person I must admit...and fine looking too!

As mentioned on Fox and iTunes, as a tribute to Patrick they are trying to get his song Shes Like the Wind into the top list of downloads. So pop on over there. Download it. Its a pretty good song, so you wont be disappointed. I already had the CD of this recording (duh!!) but I went and ordered it again just to show my support.

This week while at my stampin buddies party I got uber amounts of St. Patricks Day cards done. I was soooo thrilled!!! Here are two that I did. The first is using the stamps from the $1 bin at AC Moore. I just loooooove these. They were cheap and they are simple! UBER COOL!

Janet lent me her Mouse! Though, I gotta admit, my mouse came out looking more like a monkey than a mouse. But oh well.

All in all, we are ok. Its Friday. I am handcuffed to the sewing machine today. I have a to-do list a mile high and unfortunately the stitches arent JUMPING into the fur. So I will be over there.
Kids are in school and Mr. Schwans man is off to work. He has to work tomorrow. Hes not thrilled at all. The weather man is saying snow for tomorrow too. That of course adds happy thoughts to the fabulous idea of working on Saturday. Since it will be so miserable out tho, I think the girls and I will just be hanging out at home.
Go and make it a great day!--b


Jennifer said...

I LOVE that first card Becky.

Anonymous said...

We've all been fighting the crud too! DD is still coughing...Me?... I am just getting it and feel like poo...but I can't get sick..why? Cuz I'm the MOm, I'm the Mom , I'm the Mom ! LOL

Great Cards...all of them! Sure wish I could get lucky enough to find some great $1 stamps! Mikey's never has any good ones when I go! (no ACM here)

Ice cream sundaes ..YUM!

We are in the middle of a huge snowstorm!

Have a great weekend!