Mar 30, 2008

A gentle reminder that worldly things are only temporary

We are home! Our Spring Break was awesome! We had a fabulous time in Kentucky! I have sooo much to tell you about and so many great photos to share with you, but today...I ask each of you to stop. Please say a prayer for New Midway Baptist Church. Though, we are not active in this church right now, I do consider the congregation my family and this building, my home. Last evening it burned to the ground. The cause has not yet been determined, but the building is a complete loss. All that remains standing is the brick core. The side that is in this photo is of class rooms, I couldnt get a photo of the sanctuary as the fire engines were still there this morning when I went by. Oh how I pray that this small stepping stone in the church family's life only makes it stronger.

In You, O Lord, I put my trust...Deliver me speedily;
Be my rock of refuge, a fortress of defense to save me.

For YOU are my rock and fortress. Therefore,
for Your name's sake, Lead me and guide me....
Psalms 31:1-3

Lord, it is for my friends and family at New Midway that I pray for this evening. For this is just a mere building. Please give them strength to overcome this tribulation and pull together as a family. Please bless the firemen and workers as they rest and recover. Bless those as they seek your guidence in rebuilding.

Lord I also ask a special prayer for our family. My husbands grandmother is resting in the hospital this evening as yet another step further into dimentia. We wish her peace and comfort and especially peace upon my mother in law as she struggles with this trying time. May each feel your warmth over them.

Its with my friends, that I pray...Amen.

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Jennifer said...

Wow, how awful. I will say a prayer for your husbands Grandmother as well.