Mar 31, 2008

Blessed be the day --cause its MONDAY!

The Kentucky Horse Park was a lot of fun. Even despite the fact that it was very cold and very windy throughout our tour. We had a really good time though seeing the museums and the different horses. One thing that we can say about Kentucky is that the entire Lexington area has enough Equestrian statues to fit half of an army. Every street corner, every park, every waterfountain, every wall had a horse of some sort. And miles and miles and miles of horse farms. Both sides of every road way is lined with horse fences. Beautiful and yet hypnotizing as well.

Not a fantastic picture of Heather, but unfortunately NONE of the shots of her at the horsepark are any good. She was peeved with me for not taking her horse back riding. I was already freezing to death it was a 35 minute ride and well...reasonings go on and on. Nevertheless she was upset.
And how many hh are you?

We learned several fascinating things about the horses there. Like the reason that there are double fences around most of the farm pastures is due to territorial battles. To keep the horses from picking, biting and fighting with each other over the fences. Also that none of the fields have squared corners. Since the horses get so wrapped up in whatever it is that they are paying attention to they would run into corners without paying attention. So the fences are all corners.

Also at this perfectly aligned and close together cemetary the horses are burryed. But only the essence of them are...the hooves, the hearts and manes. The rest is cremated and sprinkled over the farm.

This was just a statue, but I thought it was cool to walk under a horse, cant say I had ever done that before!

Its Monday! My favorite day! --go be blessed!-b


Jodie Wolfe said...

If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!

Beth Thomas said...

My DD loves horses, as does her aunt, so they have attended Rolex in Lexington and visited the Horse park. We have some of the same photos!

Cheryl KVD said...

These are great photos....they would make an awesome scrapbook layout!

I love your 2008 resolutions too! I made some resolutions too - they are very helpful!

MizB said...

Hey Becky! Thanks for leaving a comment on my Intuitive Eating blog! Feel free to write me if you want to talk more about IE! I love sharing about it!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your trip despite the chilly weather.
Sounds like you learned alot!
Horses are just beautiful.

Have a great day!!