Mar 13, 2008


I have successfully completed my bedroom!! Here are the before shots. Again...these pics are of when we purchased the house. Funny though, that the people before us had very similar furniture.

Arent you all excited to see the transformation? It seriously looks like a blueberry threw up all over the room. Or in the politically correct terms...Martha Stewart's Ball Point Pen. I am totally NOT a blue fan, but being the nice wife I that I am, I decided to let my darling husband choose at least ONE color for the walls of our home. I am having a good time fluffing it up a bit tho.

This is a desk that I have converted to a vanity. The mirror is another auction steal. Theres my fabulous chandelier too!! I got it in the clearance section of Walmart!

Its uberly hard to get a good pic in this room. Heres the bed shot. With all of the lights a blaring! I am not sure bout the pic over the bed...thinking it might be a bit too little. But for now it is perfect.

I like how CLEAN this looks. Kinda masculine. not really. But I like it.

The vase was on sale. $.50! Can you believe it? I filled it with river rock and then spray painted one of those natural funky looking flower things silver. Its kinda funky. Then I took a pic of Ronnie and I and scanned it into a black and white. Kinda looks like an old timey pic.

I am not sure about the wall decor either. Kinda looks ummmm.....70ish. With it being silver and all. But they again...will do for now. And how bout those vintage suitcases? Antique/junk store finds. They helped out that little corner!

Another great purchase was this little basket. Of course it was black and had to be spray painted. But a dollar! WOOHOO! I already had the potpouri mix...this just really fluffed it up some.

And my final find. I got me some keys. I dont know why. I dont know what they are sposed to be at all. But I liked em...and they hadded character.
There of course is another wall in this great room, but it just has my exercise walker and a chest of drawers holding the tv. Nothing romantic about it so I didnt take any pics.
What great projects are YOU encountering today? I hope you have tackled something big!!
Go! Be blessed!


Jennifer said...

I like it a lot Becky.

Chelsey said...

becky, your furniture is scary similar to my stuff! and yoru before room looks alot like mine too! great room the blue is really cool