Feb 1, 2008

Furry Friday

Well Chelsey and I agreed to change our sketch days til Monday so that I could make Fridays my designated days of showing you fur. I have really really got to get busy with my sewing and well, I figured since this blog has encouraged me to stamp more, maybe it will help me sew too!

Anyways. This is a purse made from red fox. Its about 13 x 12 and has a single pocket on the inside.

It has a wooden handle and magnetic clasps to keep it closed.

This one is already sold and will be delivered some time this weekend. I have plenty more sold if I can just hurry my butt up and get em done!!!
Its Friday!!! Even though we have a fur auction tomorrow I am anxious for the weekend.
Heather is feeling all better and back to her normal self. And for the first time in WEEKS Hannah woke up this morning without having a major coughing fit!! WOOHOOO! So much so that she didnt want to take her cough meds.
Alright...so now...go create something! Go conquer that task that you have been putting of for forever. Trust me...you WILL feel better. I did once I got this dang purse done and I know that you will too.

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