Feb 1, 2008


I have forgotten to post facts about me. GEESH!

so here you are...

15. I love Mary Englebreit stuff. --Especially LETS PUT THE FUN BACK IN DISFUNCTIONAL.
16. I have a nasty habit of leaving the cabinet doors open.
17. When not dieting I can single handedly eat an enitre Key Lime Pie by myself.
18. I can type 60 wpm (yay me)
19. I learned to sew when I was a kid. 4+ years of 4-H (Thanks Mom for encouraging me)
20. Everything that I do on the computer is self taught. I have only taken 2 computer classes--and they were just to get the dang certifcate so I could put it on my resume. I took DOS programing in highschool too, though I couldnt tell you the very first thing about it now.
21. My favorite actor is Matt Damon. Fav movie of his is either Rainmaker or Good Will Hunting.

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