Jan 8, 2008

I did it!!!

Alrighty then!!! I think I have made being a geek sheek! By george I think I have finally got this place tidied up a bit and am feeling pretty good about things. What do you think? Do you like the changes? Do you think it will be okay for awhile? You KNOW I will change it soon anyways. I am just that way. Anyways...have a great day. Have you done something fabulous today? No? Well go on...Photobucket the day is still young...remember--everything is better with bling! ---b

PS...dont panic I wont smiley-face ya to death. The novelty will wear off quick and I will go back to my boring posting.


Chelsey said...

Love the new bg color makes the header pop!! how in the owrld didja gedt the smilies to work? i couldnt.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Becky!!!!