Jan 16, 2008

Hey friends...

I know...its still Wednesday...not time to post for Thursday. But we are under a winter storm warning for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow morning. This is a cool thing. I am good on food and dont have to go anywhere tomorrow. The kids may be home...but no big. I am writing now to tell you though that our Satelite doesnt like cold nor does it like snow...so I may not have connection tomorrow. Its already started sleeting here. And the news stations are all saying accumilation (I will believe it when I see it). Anyways. Keep on posting and Happy Thursday!

Oh my gosh...I fergot to give you a close up of the ornament. GEESH!
All of the supplies are from Hobby Lobby. Cept for the little heart shaped bell. I ummm rescued it from one of Hannah's broken necklaces. I dont think Hannah was quite certain how to take me being excited that it had broken. *smile* I cut the paper into strips and then decopauged it on to a paper mache heart. Added the ribbon and whala!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it could be fun! Hope the kids got a snow day! We're used to snow but we still love seeing it come down...so pretty!

That heart is gorgeous!

Hope your day is snow much fun :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my. This heart is gorgeous Becky. Stunning.