Jan 17, 2008


OK, to say that we didnt get the storm would be a lie...cause we did. We got a lot of sleet / freezing rain / snow. But it turned warmer over night and so everything turned to rain and melted it all away. The kids are in school. R is at work and all is handy dandy!
Remember the challenge I had yesterday to start using some embellishments...well I only have one thing to show you but arent these ribbon brads THE COOLEST?? This is a Hopper stamp that I am borrowing from Janet. They are SOOO cool! Colored again with Zigs & Copics.

And this card here is one that we made the other day at Marilyns house. She got this cool snowman cube that we just HAD to try. I also got to play with her Cricut. OH MY GOSH--that toy is so much fun!!

Then I leave you with this. I borrowed it from Pams site Stamping with {Serendipity}. It is soooo true. So today I am off to actually do SOMETHING besides sit here and waste away. ROFLOL...ok...itd take a few years of me sitting here with no food for that to ACTUALLY happen, but in any case I do need to get up and get moving.

So go post for BLOG CANDY and then get up and move today. --b


Becky said...

Patty W. Please email me off site. heavnlivn@yahoo.com THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Oh...and love that Snowman card too..that is just too stinkin' cute! I love snowmen!

reflections:0) said...

Well, those are some grand cards... I just love the look of the water fall card you made...:0)


Jennifer said...

I love that snowman card Becky....sooooo adorable. The comic is very funny.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..swear I posted about the Easter card! I must be losing me mind ! LOL

Love that card , it is adorable.

Maxine is my Hero !

Beth Thomas said...

Those are so... cute! What a clever idea to use the snowman with the waterfall card! And I love the bunny card- the ribbon brad it the perfect touch! Our snow turned to rain, also! The kids were so.... disappointed! Guess they'll have to settle for making "frost angels"-lol!