Nov 6, 2007

Another day of drudgery!

Whew! Can I say hard at work?? We are still out in the garage. Here is another before pic. *SMILE* Sorry friends, the work in progress and finished pics wont be posted until the room is finished! I gotta tell you though, I am sooo excited about each and every little detail. I am having so much fun dreaming and creating images in my head. They are busting out and I just cant wait to get em out and actually displayed. I have been keeping a journal because this space is going to be so awesome that I am going to submit it for publication SOMEWHERE! So...ha! I just might be famous! This pic is of the wall where the garage door WAS. This huge wall has had to be patched and of course the doors have had to be trimmed in. Yesterday I spent a lot of time vacuuming the ceiling, sweeping and just plain ole cleaning. We got the primer up and we get to see some color!!!!! I went and picked out the lighting yesterday so it is a matter of getting an electrician here to install them. Then we move on to painting the furniture! WOOHOO! Its all so awesome!

I am going to post a few cards that I got for my Birthday yesterday. I have such wonderfully awesome friends!!!

This is a great card from my friend Pam Vandever. I met her at retreat this year and she is a riot! My photography is awful today but I am just trying so hard to get caught up so I can head back to work. So I apologize for this. It appears that she used the SU! Round Tab Punch for the bottom of the cup cakes. Cuttlebugged the icing and then glitter on the candles. VERY CUTE!
And this beautiful card was from Jeanine. I love her so much and am so thankful to have her as a friend. She sent a lovely poem that her sister had written and I am going to hang it up in my new room. When I get it poster ready I will post the words to it.

Even though Marilyn is one legged (She just had knee surgery) she didnt forget me! That is just how wonderfully big her heart is! She is sooo kind and always thinking and doing for others. Another pure blessing! She used some awesome papers on this card. The photo once again does NOT do it justice. But its sooo fun!
And my adopted "mom" sent me mouses!!!!! Ellie sent me the sweetest gift! I was soooo surprised! She is always doing stuff for me. Whether it be kind advice or stern recomendations, she ALWAYS has my best interest at heart. She is a wonderful mentor and I am so glad she is in my life.
Nancy P!!! Only the worlds greatest Secret Sister sent me this great and cheerful Birthday card. I got to meet Nancy at retreat too. And I just love her to death! I loooooove getting mail from her! She is such a beautiful person.

Faith Johnston sent me this adorable card! She stamped great images in versamark on the purple and then just a simple Happy Birthday. I love it! I only have the pleasure of knowing her in Cyber land, but I cannot wait til the day I can meet her in person.

This is an AWESOME card I got that was stuffed clean full of house mouses too! Its a trifold card that I just cannot wait to case! Thank you Nancy (directmailscrapper).
I am sure that I have missed some and when I locate them on my desk I will be sure to post them. I have awesome friends and awesome family. Thank you for being a part of my life!
Go...create something!

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