Oct 23, 2007


There seems to be a lot of things falling these days. Hannah has lost her first baby tooth. She has to write a note to the toothfairy to leave under her pillow because she doesnt quite know WHEN she lost it. YIKES...those things dont take root inside do they?? Will she be growing a teeth tree inside her tummy?? My camera messed up with this pic, and for the life of me I couldnt get her to pose again...so we are going with it.
Its still raining here. We have needed it sooo much. Its nice to have it, but golly it sure makes it hard not to grab a book and slink into the couch.

And the bestest thing that FELL into my lap today was this fantastic new VOILA! set from Stampin Up! My mom and one of my bestest friends were in cohoots to get me this! And so those nifty little notched corners? Lori got the ticket punch for me! I have such awesome people in my life. Thank you to the bestest mom ever. And thank you to the bestest stampinup rep ever who of course is one of my bestest friends.
He is paper pieced and then I got the pumpkin out of one of my other sets (not sure who made it) and the HAPPY FALL is just my free-hand. I chalked the edges and of course added some bling! Isnt it so much fun??

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