Oct 23, 2007



Check her out! I was so not expecting my Bella's to be here so soon so I didnt have much time to really play with them last night. I did get two cards done though. This first one is Pompombella (I think?). I masked the frame so that all of her and her pompoms fit inside of the oval. Colored her with my markers and Prisma pencils. Is she not so much fun!! It says IM CHEERING FOR YOU I have a friend who is facing some tough times comin up and thought this was a good happy card.

After 18 shots, I STILL could not get this card to get a decent picture. Hmmm... dont know why. But anyways if you can tell this is CAKEABELLA and her apron and pants are paper pieced. WAY COOL TECHNIQUE. The rest of her is colored in with markers.

Update on the kitty. Is Twink not getting so big??? Her fat hiney doesnt fit in her basket real well anymore so she has taken up residence in my scrapbag...either that or perched upon my paper! ARGH! Couldnt take a pic of Twinkle without including Jenny too. She is still trucking. Sleeping more and more...but she appears to be happy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky ~ you are doing such a great job with your BLOG! Each day I look forward to seeing what you've come up with this time! The pics are great & I like the snipetts of "happenings" in your life and heart. Hugs, E