Oct 5, 2007

Certifiably nuts.

I strongly believe that a nervous breakdown at this time in my life would just take too much effort.

Yesterday was my darling husband's Birthday and like most any other holiday we spent most of it spatting at each other. Lord, I love him more than life it's self but I often wonder when they are coming back from Mars to retreive him. I KNOW he has to be from Mars because it is just not humanly possibly for someone to have the concepts of reality that he has.

Though this picture is awful it is of my latest creation. This 'tunnel card' technique was one that we learned at retreat last week. The idea is to make a 3-D scene. Since this is only the second one I have ever done, I could see how I could really perfect it and have a really good time with it.

Hannah is recovering very well. Yesterday she was moving her leg around like it was nothing and bossing me around like she had never gone down. Seriously, by the time I shut her door for the final time last night I thought I was going to blow a gasket if I heard "mama" one more time.
Though after saying that, she had a rough night. It was her first night back in her own bed and she twisted and wriggled all night long. To the point that she was crying in her sleep. UGH!!! She woke up about every hour and needed to be resituated. Yikes, I didn't realize how nice it was not to have to worry about a baby monitor. Since I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hear her I did hook it up and of course that prompted the sleeping with one eye open, listening to her every breath. We decided to skip the school thing today. Especially since she has fall break all next week and well, we just didnt see the point of dragging her in for one day. Especially since she cannot have her leg down for any real amount of time. Shes already up and watching TV this morning and though she is tired she says she is feeling fine. I can certainly second the tired part. I missed the photo shot that I really wanted to get here. Hannah had her legs crossed, her hands in her lap and she was asleep. SOOOO HANNAH. She wiggled when she heard the camera turn on and I couldnt get her to go back. Even in agony she must LOOK good.
Heather is going to be the death of me yet. Every time I think of her I think of the video of the comic who sang what a mother would say in a period of 24 hours. It was hilarious and ohhhh so true. After great behavior and getting herself together with her school work I decided that freedom from her military grounding session would be ok. Now mind you she has had just 3 days of freedom. She has since then...lost her band book, forgotten her math homework and then...the icing on the cake was last night when I discovered her nestled nicely in her bed. The covers pulled up snug. The room all serene and ready for a good nights rest and a mysterious beeping and clicking noise from under those snug covers. She had her DS video game under there. A HUUUUUUUUUUGE no-no in this house. I of course now own a nice black DS and I am still trying to figure out what the sam elliot to do with this kid aside from beating her to death.
I know you all are sick to death of pics of my kitty. But Twink was nice enough to tiptoe through the black ink pad last night and all over my crafting table. I am sure you can get that visual without the real photo. Jenny, my old lady cat is losing hair like a sheep and leaves dust bunnies around the size of Volkswagons. Then there is Cyris...the dog. The one that has eaten the mail, shredded my silk flower arrangement and been accused of breaking the above mentioned leg.
My darling husband who encouraged me to go to court and beg for class from my recent traffic violation flipped out when he found out the amount of my court costs. I am thrilled that the points will not be added. But I am so not looking forward to a Saturday in class.
Oh yeah...and my tooth. Its still there. I am hoping to get in next week. First of all I have to find a moment to call, let alone a day to go!
I dont think a BOX of Calgon could take me away from all this.
Go, run...dont walk...lock yourself up and create something. Its the ONLY thing that has saved me from losing my mind, surely it will work for you.

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