Sep 27, 2007


I did it! Another S-I-P! Is it not the most adorable thing? Hop-it has to be one of my favorite House Mouse creations.

I also have a bone to pick with you! How come, none of YOU, my friends, ever told me how fabulous Prisma Color pencils were? I have been skimping by with my cheapo CRAYOLA's and finally got me some PC's. OH MY GOSH!!! They are a dream! So, being the GOOD friend that I am, I am telling MUST have these! GO! RIGHT NOW! Getchya some.

I cheated on this card and used my circle punch to make the 'ticket' corners. I am so dieing for the ticket corner punch, but is this not a great improvise?

Its another crazy day. Both girls are feeling much better today. Both are excited to get to spend the weekend with Grammee. As I am heading out to retreat and Ron is going to Indiana for a trap meet. It is always a dream when both get up in cheerful moods, get breakfast over with and all of their chores are done LONG before the bus is due to arrive. Though in the same breath it makes me wonder who kidnapped them in the night. I notice how remarkable it is that these "look-alikes" resemble my darling children. But as I said...they MUST be look-alikes, after all, MY 11 year old would NEVER offer to let her sister get on the bus before her, not unless the 5 year old had some serious blackmail on her. In any case it was a pleasant morning here.

I am off to get to packing! The true trick to this trip will be getting 3 crazy stampers and all of their supplies into my car. Oh yeah and manage to cram a few changes of clothes for each too. Will this not be a site?? I wonder if I should reserve a U-Haul? And in case you were wondering...I have a big car!

So now, for the thought of the day. No matter how un-perfect your surroundings seem to be, relax, be calm and enjoy yourself. This is Twink, she just now passed her 2 1/2 month Birthday and I do believe her basket is getting a whee bit small for her, she loves it anyways and basks in peace each time shes there.

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Anonymous said...

HEY!!!! I told you how great prisma pencils were. You obviously didn't listen to me, just like DH. LOL *wink* You did a beautiful job coloring.