Jan 22, 2016

Make a Wish

There are so many of you and my other friends and family that are facing major life changing events.  Major surgeries, death of parents, death of newborn babies and of course cancer and many other things.  It is so hard to keep the faith with so much sadness and unknown around us.  I wish that I could take the anxiety and fears, the pain and hurts and the sadness away from all.  I also wish I was half as strong as each of these people that I know personally.  Thank God, He's a God that sees above all this, cause I know, that I for one, am too weak.  A conversation with a friend a few days ago sure put my life in perspective.  She goes in for a major brain surgery next week.  There is a huge risk that she will come out of it with surgical amnesia.  This girl is younger than me with three young sons.  How in the world do you stay strong through that??  She admitted that she was scared, but her faith is amazing.  Another friend received the news that her cancer numbers were awful after many months of being great.  She felt defeated and like the wind had been knocked out of her, but again her faith strong.  I could go on and on. I'd still miss many.  Just know that I am praying for you.  Keep on keeping on.

So in my little crafting space I am still learning how things work and of course how they do not.  Last week as I was desperately trying to find a piece of paper that I needed for Hannah's school I learned quickly that putting important papers behind my ginormous stack of stamp boxes was not a good move.  I am also learning that I am more apt to use a lot of things that are rather dusty too.  Like the corner rounder.  OMG!  It used to be used on everything.  Then I went through years of never using it at all.  Ha!  Funny how that works.

So how bout this snow??  Are you serious???  We are safe, we have food and water and the obligatory toilet paper supply.  Our heat works well and our water is good.  I am grateful I do not have to travel out in it.  I am pretty sure Hannah is wishing she was a public school student that gets the day off from studies, but that is another story all together.

I hope that no matter what you are facing today or this week or even this month, you keep your head held high.  Know that you are loved and I am on your side and if you ask, I'll add you to my own prayers.

Love ya'all!


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