Sep 8, 2013

Summer Dip

I am thinking I probably should have gone back and retaken this photo.  As this doesn't do it justice.  This little image is so sweet and you just wanta pick him up and squeeze him!
I cant believe that we are nearing the end of summer already?!?  Our pool is open all year, but already the nights are getting cool and it wont be long before a dip in the pool sounds as unappealing as a trip to the dentist.
I love winter though.  Life slows down and it is like we have permission to stay in and be with each other.


Anonymous said...

I could really use a dip right now -- it is *so* hot. Think this little guy would share his "pool?" I like how you layered your flower accents to match the way you colored the one in the image.

Sandy said...

I have this stamp and I always think it's the cutest image when I see it on a card. Love the colors and how cheerful it is!