Sep 11, 2013

So as a homeschooling project we all got penpals!  It has been a lot of fun keeping up with them and of course everyone loves getting happy mail!!  I made these little gifts for 2 of mine.  Just a little notebook, a dollar store calendar and then I added a car airfreshener, just cause I liked em!  :)
One of them really likes horses and the other lives for the beach so I tried to make them fitting for each one.  These are sooo much fun!  Ive done them in the past for teachers, or little girls Birthday gifts or just to have on hand when ya wanta send a little sumpin sumpin.  They don't cost much, aren't real difficult but can really lighten up someone's day.


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Anonymous said...

What great little gifts, Becky! Your penpals are sure to love them. I have to ask, how does one go about getting a penpal these days? I think my girls would love that!