Jul 12, 2013

So many things have changed...

Well, Id like to tell you that I have just been a lazy blogger and totally neglected you all.  That HAS happened in the past right?  Well, ok, I wont lie and tell you that I haven't had a little bit of that going on this time.  The truth is though, we've had a mind boggling turn of events in our pretty quiet little world.

Let me back up and start over.  So my last post was of our fantastic trip to Mexico on the cruise.  It was amazing and definitely did our family well to rest.  Little did we know just how much we'd need that rest in the coming weeks.

Heather contracted the hot tub virus while on the cruise.  I did not know this but, hot tubs are cesspools of bacteria that like to feed on people, especially those with lower immune systems.  Heather, having Type 1 diabetes is one of those lucky ones.  Contracting a rash over most of her body,  She spent weeks visiting and revisiting the doctor.  Missing countless days of school because she simply did not feel well.  It was after this that she had an old site (insulin IV pump) absess and then contracted staff infection.  A surgery, lots of pain, lots of tests and 4 days in the hospital she
finally was on the track to better health.  Or so we thought.  We had no idea that it'd be another 2 months of countless testing, hours of pain, bottles of antibiotics and overall just feeling bad.

During this time, my boss was incredibly understanding.  She was ever so graceful and honorable, but after much prayer and consideration and a few weeks of struggling we both agreed that she needed someone that could give them more than I could offer and the truth of the matter I needed more freedom to focus on my family.  I left my office position, making good money with security and friends that Id grown very close to, to come back home.  One way or another I was going to have to find a way to make it work.  It was a giant leap of faith.

I'll spare you the grueling details and just skip to the where I am now.  I have found my true passion!  I am now a freelance assistant.  I work for a couple of Realtors here locally, doing basic marketing and office work as well as a couple of virtual assignments that I am employed with.  I absolutely loooove what I do.  I get the freedom to make my own schedule, but still get to exercise all of my skills and experience and continue to learn.  And of course bring home a paycheck.

How it works...in today's economy and with the looming Obamacare many companies are forced to cut their staff numbers just to stay in business.  However we all still consume, so these companies still have work and tasks that need to be done, yet fewer people to do them.  So they outsource them.  They hire people like me to help with the computer work, whether it be data entry, babysitting social media sites or various other office duties.  Often paying just for a single job, other times paying minimal for ongoing work.  No benefits needed, no commitments, no worries about drug testing or background checks, as you are simply paid for a job completed.   Since I am blessed to be insured through my awesome husband, I have the freedom to answer these calls for help.  I get to work on several different things, broadening my skill set and not ever restraining me to an office.

This also has made our decision to homeschool a whole lot easier.  After being released from the hospital with an open wound, Heather was told to return to school.  Now, where we live, February is prime flu season.  Schools are walking germ fests.  So yes, mama bear instincts kicked in and we made the decision to not send Heather back to public school.  We needed to focus on her health rather than her attendance.

Heather, now, I am proud to say is fully recovered.  She has her strength back and is back to running full speed.  However we do plan to continue Homeschooling, and we will also bring Hannah home this year as well.  Homeschooling is not only one of the most challenging things I have ever encountered, it is also the most beneficial.  We absolutely love it and are having so much fun as well as learning so much more than any classroom ever taught them.  Plus I have been learning right along side. 

We are still in Alabama, and Ronnie is still very happily employed at Volvo Rents.  Overall, life is good and each day we wake up excited for what's in store and thankful for a healthy family!


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TN Granny said...

Becky great to hear that everything is fine and you are growing in life as well as wisdom. Make each day count like it was your last one and you and your family will have an amazing life.