Nov 3, 2012

A check in

Hey friends!  I do hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the changing of the seasons.  First might I take a moment to send a shout out to my friends and family up North that were in the path of Sandy.  You have and are encountering experiences I couldn't even begin to phathom.  My prayers are with each and everyone.

Our life has been really good.  Though really busy.  Work is awesome.  I love my job and slowly day by day I am finally getting the hang of things and not feeling SOO clueless.  Things still take me forever and that is driving me insane.  But I know before long I will have my mojo and get it together.  Ronnie is doing well with his job as well. 

The girls are doing good.  Hannah is deep involved in chorus and enjoying that.  Heather is still bouncing through many clubs and of course JROTC. 

One of the greatest things to happen to us in the last month or so is our new addition.    Felix is 10 weeks old.  Heather got him for me for my Birthday.  Is he not the most special little thing ever??

He is soooo much fun!  EVERY single thing is a toy.  A plastic bag, a shoe even a pillow becomes a jungle gym. He is a lover boy and loves from the very tippy tips of his toes.  He does EVERYTHING to the extreme.  If he loves on you its all the way.  If he plays he plays hard and if he sleeps he is litterally uncontious.  We have had soooo much fun with him and it is a true joy to come home to him every night.  Of course not to mention the fact that he litterally has been potty trained since the day we got him, he sleeps well and truly is just a joy to be with.
Another bit of excitement that we have enjoyed is our Halloween Party!! 

These were the invites for the party.  Each person got a coffin with a skeleton and of course the party information card.  A little spanish moss...yes!  A great spooky invite and one of a kind that got people's attentions.
The next was our Zombie babies!    

The witches brew.  Dry ice---I had super fun
playing with this stuff!  The punch was sherbet and sierra mist.  YUM!


White candles dripped with blood....well ok it was really  just red candle wax but it looked super cool.

Ronnie's old clown mask put on a dummy
head in the bathroom...added spookiness.


Cupcakes with glass (hard candy) stabbed in with blood (gel icing) splattered all over.  Suuuuuper fun!  These were more fun to make than to eat.  The glass is just hard sugar candy...let cool and break.  Then coat with red gel icing stab in. 
Fat Troll Fingers (Sugar cookies with almonds)  The recipe called for a little more flour but we didnt figure that out until after they were shaped and heading for the oven.  They still looked pretty cool.

Goblets with blood drippings (raspberry Jell-o)  These were super cool cause they added extra flavor to the punch.  Since they were dollar store plastic goblets I just threw them away so we didnt have to worry about clean up.  But online they used real glasses.  I imagine the cleanup would be simple tho...just hot water and soap.

Dollar store props!!

As you all know, I LOOOOVE me a good table scape! I had sooo much fun! I totally forgot to take pics after the food was placed tho. :(  Dont you love the eyeball salt and pepper holders??  40% off at Cracker Barrel!


For Halloween Night.  We went to our Church's Harvest Fest and we did a little trick or treating.  My baby girls are growing up!!  Heather was a Army General (I think) and Hannah was a Pirate.  We had a really good time.

My girl is almost 11.  She has officially past me in height.  Her sister is not thrilled with the fact that she is the one that is now getting Hand-Me-Downs from her little sister. 

 I have so much more to share with you.  But I think I need to get up and move around a bit.  Take care dear friends.  Enjoy life, it is precious!

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