Dec 14, 2011


Usually I purchase an Advent Calendar for each of the girls.  Its a tradition that I started when they were itty bitty girls and now I think Id be disowned if I decided not to do it.  Which this year, I changed it up a bit.  Remembering how much Hannah really like the one I got her one year that had Pet Shops in it (it came that way)....I decided to step it up a notch.  I made an Advent Tree!!!

 Each girl has a series of boxes 1 through 25.  One with green numbers and the other with red numbers.  They are mixed up all over the tree.

This year I chose to do the Japanese puzzle erasers as the gift.  So each little box has a different eraser in them.  They can play with them, trade em or do whatever.  Its really fun to see what they get in each one.  I thought that we could change it each year...maybe do jewelery or some other trinket...whatever they are in to for the year.   

Each morning I have no problem with them getting up and being completely ready to go.  They cant wait to open their special little gifts.  Yes.  It is only erasers and yes they are corney...but both of them LOVE it.

I just got a $10 tree at Family Dollar.  No lights and nothing real fancy.  I did later string some popcorn and cranberries on it and we added a package of candy canes.  I wanted this to be just a simple tree where the focus was the boxes. 

The boxes are just a simple paper 2x2 box.  Then I strung a ribbon from the bottom up the thru the lid.  I needed a way to keep the lid on the box no matter how much weight was placed in it.  This seemed to work the best.

Once they open their morning boxes I have a bag pinned up on the side of the freezer that they stow them in, so we can play again next year.

I love this idea, cause doesnt matter how silly the gift inside is, its the gift that makes someone feel special.  I think this tradition will go on all the way through the girls and hopefully down to the grandkids. 

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