Mar 5, 2010

Its Friday. Its Sunny. Its amazing!

I am certainly feeling way better now than I was at the beginning of the week.  I got an upper respratory infection that sent me barreling down.  ~whew~  But some good meds and tons of sleep and I am upright again!

I DO have some more cards to post for ya all, but unfortunately I have not gotten pics of them yet.  Yeah...remember my mojo from last weekend?  I got 11 cards done in 3 hours!  Are you amazed?  I know that I am!  The mojo is flowing!

I have also been redecorating Hannah's room.  I am really excited about it.  But golly its going slow.  I am used to being able to whip it up and down in a weekend!  ARGH!  But its coming, slowly but surely and I am really really anxious to get some pics of it.

I also, have become hoplessly addicted to American Idol.  Who is my faves?  Gosh thats really hard to say.  But lets just say I have not been too disappointed with who they have cut so far.  Let me tell ya what tho--this 2 hours a night 3 nights a week is killing me!  And oh my gosh...heaven forbid that I MISS a night!!  Crazy stuff!!

So are you gonna go out and enjoy this amazing weather this weekend?  I hope so!!  I am not sure what WE are doing!  But I am sure its gonna be something in the sunshine!

Go--be blessed and have a great weekend!!


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Sabrina Sperl said...

LOL I love Idol as well!!!!