Sep 27, 2009

Thank you note

Well gaaawwwleee!!! I got the handy dandy flu shot last week and it knocked me for a loop! WHEW!! I was out cold for 3 days. MISERABLY!! But I am feeling tons better now and enjoying the last day of my weekend. OK, pay no attention to the fact that I have laundry stacked to the ceiling and the house is less than perfect. It is a great day no doubt!!This is just a simple card I did using the top note. LOVE that die!

How are YOU friends? Are you enjoying your days to the fullest? Are you stopping to notice the green leaves? The restless animals? The turquois blue sky?


1 comment:

Micki said...

oooh how stinkin cute is that!!!! Love it. Feel better friend..... (am sooooo glad I don't get that shot, lol)

Want me to bring a hot toddy & chicken noodle soup??? (wish I could....)