Apr 22, 2009

Copic teaser

I cant wait to show you everything I learned in class. But for now youll just have to see what I did THERE. We didnt complete any projects, but I soooo loved my little frog! He is done using a flip up motion. See the blue? See how it has no streaks or lines in between it and the green? This is flipping the blue up, the green down and then using the chisel end to go over both colors. AMAZING!

And my most favorite thing I learned was using a nasty rag and the blender solution and look!! My froggie has spots! Isnt that the COOLEST???

I will share more as I can!


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Micki said...

Congratulations girlfriend!!! That class rocks, doesn't it?! If the class comes to KC again, I'll sign up again - there are soo many cool tips & tricks. Love the frog. We didn't actually get to do this technique, but Marianne went over it and showed us how to do it. (If I ever get my room organized, I might find time to actually to do this technique, lol)