Mar 30, 2009

Were Home!

"No girls, you dont need to put on your bathing suits, cause we are just going down to LOOK at the beach, maybe walk a bit, maybe pick up some shells, but we are NOT going in the water."

...minutes pass...

"Okay, fine--you can WALK in the water."

...more minutes pass...

"Are you insane?? Is that water not FREEZING?? Well good grief, give me your shoes... No, whats the point of taking off your jacket now? You are soaking wet!"

...more minutes....

Two children extremely happy to be in the water---who am I to stop them?

Vacation was absolutely FABULOUS! We had the most magnificant time! The weather was a bit cool, but it was still awesome to be on the beach and away from everyday life for a few days!

This is how I preferred to experience the beach.
And THIS is how my crazy family took it all in!

Might I enlighten you with the fact that the water is only about 55° and its only about 77° outside, with a North wind that could freeze snot--so the temps were not exactly toasty! I DID venture out into the waves one afternoon and nearly froze myself to the bone. I was SERIOUSLY trying the method of freezing one's butt off, it didnt work.

Later that afternoon as we were having a picnic lunch on the beach the birds swarmed us like they were vultures and we were about to kick the bucket. They litterally hovered over us waiting for us to spare a Dorito or a bit of our ham sandwiches. We didnt share even a bit--but they certainly intimidated us.

We had some amazing food there! The seafood was of course FANTASTIC! And we sampled it ALL!

One of our days was spent in Savannah, learning history, seeing sites and of course sampling MORE food! Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House was amazing! The food was all country and there was so much of it, it even made US sink back into our shoes.
We didnt get to eat at Paula Dean's famous restaraunt, but we did go by there and check the place out. The smells were divine and it was neat to peak in.

I wont bore you to tears with all of the different shots of the famous buildings we got, but I thought this pic was especially cool. This front door was used in the movie FOREST GUMP. You know when the mom is trying to get Forest accepted into the school system? This is the front stoop that Forest waited for his mother. We of course saw the place where he sat waiting for the bus as well. They had removed the parkbench, but the scenery was certainly familiar.

Hannah and I ventured to the top of the lighthouse at Tybee Island. 178 steps UP and 178 steps DOWN! It was a fantastic site, but WHEW! A LOT of steps for this hefalump to make!

One of the most amazing and breathtaking views in the whole city was the Cathedral. The architecture of this building is simply gorgeous!

Even tho we are not of the Catholic faith, we each lit a candle and said a prayer. It was sooo beautiful there.
Like I said I wont bore you with history--but lets just say I have over 200 pics from the trip. Including those I took of Heather and I's haunted tour of the city. Walking around the nations most haunted city after dark was VERY exciting!
We are home now and slowly trying to gather ourselves to resume life.


Blomquist Blog said...

What fun Becky! I love the pics and would love to see more. Glad you enjoyed some family time together away from home!



reflections:0) said...

Glad you all had sucha great time...

Great photo's...


TN Granny said...

Oh I can't wait till Wednesday to hear all about it. The pictures are great looks like you had a great time.

Sandy said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

Marjori said...

Ooooh, a Haunted Tour. I would love to go on one of those! Did you see or feel any spirits??

Glad you had a great time and also glad you're back!