Mar 2, 2009

*singing* Monday...Monday!

Well the snow missed us PRAISE GOD!! Its a balmy 21° degrees out there, but the sun is shining and all is well in my world. The kids are both feeling better and were very excited to go back to school today. OK, well HANNAH was, Heather--nah, not so much. And hubby is off to work, tho I know hes NOT excited. A new manager starts for him today. I pray that things go smoothy and they jive well. This day and age with are just thankful for employment.

Wishing you a basketful of springtime smiles! Again...I am hoping that if I stamp enough Springy stuff, mother Nature will catch the hint and take all of her snowflakes and freezing temps away. I am anxious to see pretty flowers, green grass and hang out outside.

Today. Bless someone. Leave a nice comment on their blog, send them a card --JUST CAUSE, how bout put a note on your kids' beds just telling them that you love them. OK, now I know some of you will have to risk your lives to GET to your kids beds (I know I would have to --in Heathers room UGH!) but, go ahead--take that chance! How bout go out and scrape I love you in the frost on your darling dears car...or better yet, start it for him. Go now--have a fantastic day! For today is a day that the Lord has made (even tho he forgot the heat)!!


Anonymous said...

Bless you for this blog!!! you are so creative and so much I know why Kathie is crazy about you...Have a Blessed week! patti Brown

Sandy said...

Becky ~ I love the cheery things you are stamping to "think spring!" I also enjoy how your personality shines through even on your blog! Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Becky, I am hoping all your spring wishes will head this way, too! Thank you for your uplifting creations and the encouragement you share with everyone who reads your posts.