Mar 14, 2009

Boot Camp for the Biggest Loser

Though I think when they are speaking of LOSER in these terms --- they must be thinking something different than I am. Cause I am thinking the big ole {L} on the forehead! Anyways. After surfing through several blogs the other day--several people mentioned that this was the video they worked out to. the savvy shopper than I am....went online and found me a used one and ordered it. Couldnt wait to warm it up in the DVD player. I did it! It was great! I was sweating like a dog and my heart rate was way up there. I felt GOOOOD. I was soo on a roll. As the day progressed tho, my body surely disagreed. And as I graduated from yesterday to today my body is crying out in pain with every step! Now mind you...I ALSO went bowling last night AND today....which, if youre a hefalump like me...that WITHIN itself is crazy enough. So anyways...I wanted to tell you...if you are just dieing for something to make you notice how many muscles you have in your body, this video is PERFECT! No honest, its a really good kind of pain. (HA! Like THAT isnt an oxymoron!!)

So go...getchya one. YOU KNOW YOU WANTA FEEL THE BURN!!!! And I am NOT talking about the burn that I feel when I bowl...ya know the friction in between my thighs is enough to set a fire!

Hope your Saturday is as magnificant as mine is!!!



reflections:0) said...

That looks like a great DVD... Sorry, you a paying for the workout do not give up you can do this... Maybe take it a little slower...


Anonymous said...

You poor, poor thing! I hope that your muscles recover soon.