Feb 7, 2009

Ive been sick

Hey girls. I know it just looks like another hiatus from the blogging world from me, but this time I really do have a good excuse. I got the flu. Do you know whats worse than the flu tho? The test that they do to determine that you HAVE to flu!! You know the swabby things they use to test you for strep? They shove 2 of those up your nose. Not just for a little tickle, I am talking all the way up to your brain. Its a pain I have never experienced and dont ever care to again.

Anyways. so 4 days in bed. Barely having enough energy to hold the remote to the tv up let alone anything else. NOT my idea of fun.

Today I am up and moving. Only for the sheer fact that Hannah (my youngest) is spiking a fever of about 101 and has been complaining of a sore throat and stomach ache. So I have an appt for her today. I figured I needed to get up and get moving so I can at least pretend like I know what I am sposed to be doing when I take her in. She did have her flu shot, so I am thinking this might be strep. GREAAAAAAAAAAAT!

On a happy note, its sposed to be near 70 here today so all the windows are flying open and I am lysoling every thing that even remotely looks like it could hold a germ. My laundry is stacked to the sky, the kitchen looks like a bunch of dwarfs have been living here and well I wont share the gorey details with everything else, but lets just say---theres a reason why moms arent sposed to get sick. It definitely has NO PAY OFF!!!

I will be posting again soon. Promise!


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Oh that sounds awful! Hope you're feeling back to your normal self really soon!

lisa808 said...

I hope you are back to yourself soon and that this flu doesn't hit your daughter too hard.

Anonymous said...

talked to Ron today....sounds like Kathie has a touch of it too! hope you are all better soon...patti b.

Melinda said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Sometimes when life gets too crazy I secretly wish that could get sick for a day and do NOTHING. and then when it happens, I'm miserable and wonder if I wished in on myself...

You're right. No payoff.