Jan 1, 2009

Ohmigosh! I couldnt wait!

I was gonna save this for a post at a latter date, but I just couldnt wait! I wanted to share this fantastic idea with you! I was blurfing this morning and came across this blog with THIS great NEW IDEA!!!! Forgive me but I cant for the life of me, find the owner's name on it anywhere. I think she is uber talented tho. Go check her out at http://craftinginasmallspace.blogspot.com/

LOOK! I made a book for my images!!! SOOOO much better than my ziplock baggie, dont you think!? I made the title on my computer and then colored it in with my Copics.

This is the inside. On the right side I made the pockets more shallow, so that the little images dont fall all the way to the bottom on the pockets. The left side, however is left the full size so that I have room for the large images that I have.

And then the back.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday! I have gotten to craft all day today. Its 530 PM and I am still in my PJs so I am thinking its a FANTASTIC day!!!
God Bless & Happy New Year!



debinicol said...

Becky--oh yeah! it is something we all need. And what a way to use up some of the thousands of eyelets I have and don't use very often. I would say this is the beginning of a great crafting year for you!

Sandy said...

Wow, that's super neat! I think everyone needs one of these!

Anonymous said...

OMG! YOU are one of THOSE people that I want to be!!!!!!!!!! This is such a GREAT idea! I am SOOOOO going to CASE this! You're one awesome cookie!

TN Granny said...

I always knew you were terrific, what a cute cute box!
love you girl your the bomb!!!

Debbie, said...

Oh man, I am SO MAKING THIS!! My images are in a ziplock but this is so much better. I'll be sure to post mine when I'm done. Thanks for the links.

reflections:0) said...

That is so very cool... Yes, I need one too...:0)


Anonymous said...

Oh how FABULOUS!! This is such a neat idea. I love all the bright colors and the layered pockets inside -- SO clever, Becky!!

catt871 said...

LOVE this idea - mine are in a shoe box!!! LOL