Jan 10, 2009


So, my friend, Jenn is hosting a new reading challenge! And this is one I am really excited about. I have already started 2 fantastic self help books that should qualify. So I think this is AWESOME!

If you think you might be interested, check out the link (by clicking on the pic) and join up with me!! The gist of it is just to get inspired by a self-improvement book, read it and put it into action! So anyways. I am reading one by Tony Robbins, which he is one of my all time motivational speakers. And I am also reading Cheryl Richardson's Life Makeovers. If you think youd like either of these, you can click over there -----> on my bookshelf and get overviews of them. So heres to 2009!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

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TN Granny said...

That sounds like a great idea read some books. I don't think motivational speakers is what I want to read in the next few weeks.
Love ya kiddo.