Jan 22, 2009

The Holiday is over! (FINALLY!)

The kids have sure enjoyed their time off from school. Monday was a holiday and then we got a freak storm that brought in snow and ice. Everyone is back to school today and all is well. Its a beautiful 47° degrees out and the sky is bright blue! I loooove Tennessee! The snow leaves almost as fast as it came AND its back up to normal temperatures!! Tho I think the kids might argue that this is NOT a good thing.

And once again, this week I have participated in the

HM & Friends

Dont forget to click on the logo and go check out the other submissions and stuff for the design team. THEY ARE SOOO COOL!

So what are YOU doing today? Its been so long since I have actually TALKED to you. I am doing well, just trying to get back into my groove. Funny how easily I seem to be able to fall out of it.

I hope you are blessing someone today!



Danni said...

Oh what a fun image!! So totally cute!

catt871 said...

That is adorable!!!! The sentiment is perfect for that image!!!! GReat job!!!

Leigh said...

I love the layout of this card and the image is cute.

Sue said...

It's hard to have a favorite house mouse stamp, there are so many, but this is one of my favs.....you did a great job on your card, very nice indeed! Love the layout too.

Charlene said...

Love this card Becky! Can't wait to unpack my craft boxes ... hopefully this weekend or next week. Thanks for popping in to my new blog and leaving a comment. I deleted my last blog :*( (tear) by accident and lost everything!


Sassy Crafts said...

Another gorgeous card. Your creations are fab. x