Jan 4, 2009

Have a serious case of Summer-itus!

Usually I am the biggest fan of winter time ever, but this year I cant help but long for summer. I want to be able to play outside again. To sit on my deck without my teeth chattering. To not be decieved by the beautiful sunshine billowing in through the windows (its really only 30 degrees...not the 80 it appears). I am ready for bright colors and happiness. Hmmm...I wonder if this is my SAD that is kicking my tail this year. Who knows.

Anyways. On a lighter note! Isnt this little guy just the CUTEST? He is super simple to color and fun! He just screams WARMTH!

Everyone have their lists ready for BINGO. Tomorrow is the big kickoff!


Danni said...

Super cute!! I do love those bees!

reflections:0) said...

This is so dang cute... My DH has SAD as well I try and make sure that he gets as much sun as he can this time of year it makes him feel so much better... I hope you feel better soon too...


Anonymous said...

Mee TOO! I love for camping season to start, and summer to be here!

Deb Neerman said...

Omigosh, this is just adorable, Becky! It feels like a summer day in July.

Love that corrugated piece of card stock ... goes soooo well with the tricycle. Does that sound crazy, lol?!? Reminds me of tire tracks ... maybe that's it!

Looking forward to the Big B-i-n-g-o Day!

~Hugs, Deb