Dec 30, 2008


I have been thinking of a way to not only challenge myself to use more of my STUFF that I have but also generate a little fun on my blog too! And I came up with a grand plan!

Want to play a little game of BINGO??

If ya do, here's what ya do! See those things over there on the side, yeah the list of tools/embellishments and techniques ?? Make a list of 15 items and email them to me. Dont forget to save a copy of your list for yourself so you can keep up. Then come back here and check my blog daily to see which ones I have crossed off, as I use them in my creations.

Leave me a comment that you are checking in. You will get BINGO if all your words are crossed off first! And the WINNER....are you ready for this??? The winner will get a

$25 gift certificate
to spend at

It is one of my most favoritest blogs/websites online! So go NOW, and tell your friends to come and play too! I will accept emails until 7pm on Friday (the 2nd). I dare you to try this yourself! Can YOU use up some of your stuff too???

Oh yeah heres my email: , please put BINGO in the subject line!

The contest will begin on Monday, the 5th!
**edited to add: I will not be keeping up with your lists at all. It is up to you to SHOUT Bingo if you are a winner! The only reason that I am keeping a copy is so that when you call BINGO I can verify you are the winner!


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Ooooooh...I do so love bingo!

: : cosycabin : : said...

I love this bingo game and emailed the list few minutes ago!

Happy holiday!


Monica said...

I'm Playing, I'm Playing!!
I e-mailed my list also!

These are always fun!!

Happy New Year,

Deb Neerman said...

BIG fun! I'm in!! I've emailed you my choices and can't wait to begin!

Thanks for doing this; you rock!

~Hugs, Deb

reflections:0) said...

I sent my list....:0)


Linsey said...

I love the game:) I sent my list!:)
Happy New Year:)

lisa808 said...

I just sent you my list. Can't wait to start playing!

Anonymous said...

I'm game! YAY! I also posted on my blog here and emailed you my list.

patty w said...

I'm in !