Dec 3, 2008

Its the third day of Christmas

I was going to post a card today but I feel much more led to enter a plea. Friends, my dear friend Nancy is still anxiously awaiting her new lungs. She is now facing the move back to Pitsburgh so that if the call comes in she will be close by. She is heartbroken and sad. This is a season when EVERYONE wants to be near to home. Near to their family. Most of all, her. I ask that you join me in prayers. Please lift her and her family up high and add them to all of your prayer lists. She is such a remarkable person, and if each of you knew her personally you would surely agree. Lets pray for some big lungs huh??

Visit her blog : , leave her a comment, send her a card...but most of all, pray.



Blomquist Blog said...

Amen Becky! You said it perfectly. Thanks for always keeping Nancy close to your heart! Have a great rest of the week!


Debbie Blomquist

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for Nancy..for lungs she needs..Thanks for the post!!!