Jun 15, 2008

Embrace Life (for real)

Are you all tired of me being a part-time blogger? Are you tired of me being MIA? Well, I apologize greatly. Its been a ellofa week.

The girls are now safely in Florida. They left on Thursday for 10 days with their cousins and Grammee and PawPaw. daVan and my babies. ~sigh~ After dropping them off I was glad to be in the peace and quiet. I was relaxed, but immediately I realized I missed the little lady (daVan). I am grateful to have my inlaws car to drive this week and it truly is a beautiful little car...but dang...I miss my van. *shhhhh* dont tell anyone I said that. *LOL* As the week has gone on I am having the hardest time keeping going. I KNOW! I should be seizing the moment to do what I wanta do, when I wanta do it. Breaking out those BIG projects...but the truth is...I am a lost puppy. I miss tucking them in at night, I miss Hannah following me around like a shadow, I even miss Heathers music blasting from her room upstairs. Empty Nesters...I pitty you. I wake up in the mornings...wondering WHY I need to get up. Afterall....8 hours longer before R will be home.


Today I am feeling a bit better and am totally anxious to spend the day alone with my darling dear. But those days that he works are torture. I have watched every movie there is on pay per view just trying to pass the time.


Many of you are thinking that I should be stamping my guts out. Truth of the matter is up until this morning I was convinced that my MoJo was packed away in one of their suitcases, resting soundly in between a sand covered swim suit and Mr Cow. Its days like those that we are reminded of our every single blessing. Everything from Hannahs nonstop chatter to Heathers rolling eyes. I do believe I would litterally die if I could never embrace those again.


I also wanted to comment on the late passing of Tim Russert. Now, I am NOT a political person. I have never ever watched MEET THE PRESS and I wouldnt know this man from any other talk show person. But in watching all of the people talking about him...I have never heard of a more remarkable person. Every single person that speaks...tells of how sincere he was. How much he loved life. How enthusiastic he was in EVERY thing he encountered. WOW! I wanta be like that. I wanta be that person. That well rounded. So...today I start on a new mission. Though, my family is my life and means EVERYTHING to me...I am simply faced with the fact that I need to work on myself. Desperately.


So today...Embrace Life. Embrace everything you are faced with with integrity...with love and passion!

Be blessed!--b


Anonymous said...

Being that the only thing they let us watch @ work, is CNN or Fox News...he was very passionate about politics, but very nice...What everybody has said...I wouldn't imagine him any different! Great post!

patty w said...

I bet you do feel odd without having the girls around! I know I always feel lost if my kids are gone for more than a few hours!

I loved Tim Russert, such a great guy and feel for his family.