May 16, 2008

Its Party Time!

The day of the party has finally arrived! I, of course am prepared to the T and have now got time to polish my nails and read my novel. HA! Yeah right! I am running like a chicken today! I got 53 different things going on. Ha! You can see the ADD in me I cant seem to finish ANYTHING! Oh well...a grand time shall be had. 9 little girls and 16 hours to make em happy. I can do it right???

Anyways....heres the candy boquet I made for movie time. Each little cluster has some of all the candy.

Have a blessed weekend! See you all on Monday!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh...I love that candy bouquet!! How very creative of you!! But, really, I wouldn't expect anything less!
I hope you gals have a great time tonight!!! What fun!

Anonymous said...

That's so yummy looking! Hope y'all have a fabulous time! Nothing like a bunch of giggly girls getting together!