Mar 1, 2008

Its gorgeous out!

Today, you get to see first hand the evidence of my laziness. I should scan these pages in so that you get a true vision of them. But well...I just dont wanna! It is such a gorgeous day outside and to be honest, I hardly want to be sitting here right now.

I know that we are no where near spring and our 65 degree weather will give way to 30s once again. But you cant help but get spring fever on a day like today! I wanted to post the pages, no matter HOW awful the pics are. The titles are using my dear friend, Marilyns Cricut. Is it not the coolest thing? Upward also has little PomPomaBella too. I am trying to incorporate more STAMPING into my SCRAPPING. So far I am not as brave as I should be.

These pictures REALLY are awful. But I got this little playing card in a RAK not long after Hannah had broken her leg. I was sooo excited to use it.

And this one I seriously just sat here and debated on whether to post it or not. It once again is using the Cricut letters. This layout is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too busy for me. It was the first layout I had done in MONTHS so I was trying to get back into the swing of things. A task much harder than I anticipated. I seriously thought it was like riding a bike. I mean, after you do it, shouldnt you be able to do it always??? Obviously not! I am sure I will find my scrappin MoJo soon.

Twinkle came through the surgery beautiful (ha! like I expected anything less). Last night was kind of hairraising as she had small panic attacks each time I left her side. She slept and was very relaxed as long as she was touching me at all times., mind you I am honored to be NEEDED to this extent, but do you know it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to go pee with a cat? She would wake up...realize I was not there and then try to get up and walk around. Still drunk from the anesthesia she didnt make it far..usually just enough to fall of the chair. Screaming all the way. Late in the evening she finally got up and went under the bed of the guestroom. She slept there all night and has ventured out a little today. Shes eaten a little and is walking around some. She did, however have the TWINKLE back in her eye, so I think she is on her way to recovery.

So there you are friends. I am glad to have new visitors and of course I depend on my regulars. THANKS for blessing me! Now get outside and enjoy this weather. ESPECIALLY all of you from TN where I KNOW it is gorgeous today!!
be blessed--B


Moose Ridge said...

LOL -- about Twink -- at our house, you do NOTHING alone... at least one, if not all three boys, assist you in everything!!


Jennifer said...

Those pages look great. I'm not a scrapper, but I do have a great appreciation for those that do.

I'm glad your little Twinkle is ok. As you have seen..I am very much a cat lover.
Your Twinkle is very cute!

As one of your TN visitors. Yes...I will say we had a beautiful weekend. Yesterday was absolutely GORGEOUS! We stayed outside all day long.