Feb 8, 2008

Furry Friday -- I am alive!

It was a rough week. Yesterday I finally gave in and went to the doctor. He said I had a major sinus infection but with some good drugs I oughta be up and better in no time. Well, I am still waiting for that that "no time" to come about...but I DO believe I am on the mend.

This little coin purse is a project gone bad. I was hoping to make this purse to match the fox purse I had made last week but instead it turned into a big ball of fur. Rather than giving up though I attached some ribbon and decided that for Hannah...its perfect. She will love it! Yes...even love the fact that the ribbon color is probably not the best choice.

This weekend we are off to Nashville for the awards ceremony for Schwans. Ronnie has not been with the company long enough to be eligable for anything, but we figured it would be a good thing to attend anyways.

And since I havent been paper crafting this much this week I guess I will leave you with a pic from last weeks auction. Holy cow! Look at those tails!

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Chelsey said...

u home yet??? i miss talkin to ya. ttyl and travel safe, oh and i posted out mailbox challenge so hpop to it missy! jk