Jan 5, 2008

Saturday Scrappy-Sketch

Yesterday evening I spent a LONG time seperating scraps. This drawer is full of them! Is this not rediculous! I could not cut a full sheet of paper for 2 years and still not feel deprived of paper. So I am introducing Saturday Scrappy Sketch. I will be pulling the weekly sketch off of Split Coast Stampers. I will then make the sketch from each one of my colors of scraps. So ummmm thats 9 cards!! WOW! What a challenge huh?

I challenge you to jump on board with me! Come on! Even if you dont have as many scraps (and I pray that you dont), you can still do the sketch challenge!

So here we go. This was this week's challenge sketch. Kinda basic. To the point. I like it!

Here is my attempt with RED. Since I am pulling from scraps I have NO idea who the paper is by, what color it is or where it came from.

And Pink. Now the decorative paper here I do remember getting in a package from Big Lots. A pack of like 10 sheets for a dollar. TOO GOOD to pass up!

Orange!! Hey...notice how many STAMPS I am using too!

This one was SPOSED to be purple. I pulled the confetti sheet from the purple bin...but it got more pinky as I went on!

Brown! This is another one of those paper packs from BIG LOTS. The charm is one from my many stashes.

Blue. Isnt this stamp cute. I remember getting it from the dollar bin at Michaels.

And my favoritest of all. I guess cause I soooo love this paper. This is for Yellow. I cant post black or green cause I made those into Christmas cards.
WOOOHOO! I am on a roll!
I am off now to go play boardgames with the girls! I hope you all have a fantastic day! GO--inspire, be inspired....just create! --B


Rick said...

I just push "publish."

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Hey girlfriend....sorry for my absense. I've been working like a dickens trying to get a swap done and making some cards for a DT I'm trying to get on. Love ALL your cards, they are Beautiful!!!


Robin said...

wow - this is a GREAT idea. I'm not home this weekend, but will try and get my scraps organized but next weekend. Then I'll be ready - so, YES, I'll join you in this. I love the ones you posted. My favorite is the Make A Wish one. I think I have that some stamp - somewhere!

Jennifer said...

Wow Becky, you were on a roll, I am so impressed. I have all my scraps organized by SU color in a big notebook...it's a little too big, I need to get cracking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I'm one of Ricks bloghoppers and came over to see your blog - and fancy that you are a scrapbooker too!
I am lacking in creative juices at the moment but have a big album project looming just as soon as hubby gets some old family photos together.
I love the idea of using the scraps, I too have a box full and maybe making some cards would get things going again. Thank you for this!
Best wishes for 2008!