Jan 22, 2008

A mini icestorm hit!

The news reporters were saying how the storm missed us. No snow. No ice. Nothing. But then at about 6:30 am it went from dry roads to solid ice. They said since 6pm the night before 2 car accidents had been reported up until then. In a matter of 10 minutes over 69 had taken place and more were happening every minute. Schools started out on a 2 hour delay and quickly changed to closed all together. They said as the day progressed it would warm up enough to melt the ice and everything would be back to normal. R did go to work, though it was later on. The kids quickly did their happy dances and enthrolled themselves into their games. I, of course did what EVERY mom does or at least WANTS to do when there is no school....I went back to bed!!! Hmm... I wonder--when it gets cold again tonight after it has rained all day...will we be back in the same predicament tomorrow morning? It was bad enough that they were closing the courts and banks were puting out notices for their employees. Even the ambulances were being involved in wrecks. YIKES!

So....the girls have a friend coming over to play for the afternoon and I am hoping to dive into my crafting. I have kind of taken a break for a couple of days. A good break-- but now I am feeling the mojo boiling again. I am ready to play with paper again!

I got all of today's images from Debbie over at: The Shoe Closet . I had commented on one of her cards, saying that I absolutely LOOOVED her images. I asked if I could get some from her and she sent me a big ole package! I have been coloring my guts out! Having a blast! THANK GOD FOR STAMPIN FRIENDS!!!

Arent these ladies a hoot?? I swear I can hear that gossip they are saying. The inside of it says HAVE A "TEA"RRIFIC DAY!

The inside of this one says: ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

And finally. The outside of this one says: IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING.

Then when you pull it out you can see the rest of the Birthday Party. This image is sooooooooo versitile. I mean I could have hightlited the man...or the cake or whatever. The sky is the limit! These old foagies crack me up!

As for now...Go friends. Find something creative to do. Much love--b


Anonymous said...

Ok girlie...did this all happen yesterday or today?

I'm already confused with my kids having yesterday off, today feels like Monday but I'm pretty sure it is Tuesday! (your header date says Monday! ) LOL And, we had a feak snowstorm hit at school time this morning! But living in Ohio..it really isn't a "freak" snowstorm, just unexpected? Surprise!

I loooove, love , love those cards! The images are just too darn adorable! The pull out one is very, very cute! The tea one is so adorable too! But then so is the ballerina!

Aw heck, I likes 'em all!

Happy whatever day it is!

Oh..and CONGRATULATIONS on the 6 1/2 lbs lost! Awesome!

Debbie said...

Oh, Becky, I LOVE what you did with the images. I especially love the pull out card. How clever! I may have to copy you on that one some day. ;) I'm glad you are enjoying your images. Let me know if you need more. lol

Lori Stilger said...

I LOVE THE BIRTHDAY PARTY CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's SO awesome!!!!!!! What a FUN card! You're going full guns now, Beck. :) Keep creating!! Love ya!!!!!!! Thanks SOOOOO much for praying - keep it up. I'm ALMOST out of it, but still fighting - and having to work, because Kenn's sick now, and having to back out of HIS work. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi...what a great set of cards...love these images and wonderful layouts. TFS Jennie