Dec 30, 2007

Gosh! Has it really been a week?

I cant believe that I actually let a week pass by without me posting here! YIPES! It has been such an eventful week though. We had a wonderful holiday. It was great to be together. Everyone was happily surprised by their gifts and all in all it was just good.

The decorations are all put up now. The evidence of Christmas is slowly disappearing and things are returning back to normal.

We celebrated Hannah's 6th Birthday at Chuckee Cheese's yesterday and it was great fun! She of course had a blast and I gotta admit...I kind of had fun too! It didnt appear to be as much torture as I had remembered.

I hope that each of you are counting your blessings. Remember to thank God for them and also tell those you love that you love them. Even if it is in a 3 word email. You never know...those 3 words might be just the right words to turn someones frown into a smile.

I leave 2007 with this:

This is a drawing that I had done for Ronnie. Is it not perfect? Rick Green is a gentleman from Oregon that agreed to draw it. I just love every aspect of it. It was also finally ONE gift that I could get for Ronnie that he couldnt guess. And as hoped, he was overwhelmed with joy. He just sat there and laughed and of course could not wait to share it with everyone he knew. Go check out Rick's blog...he has some GREAT drawings and his talent is amazing!!!!! I know you'll want to bookmark him and check back often. Maybe YOU need one of his drawings for someone you know???

Enjoy the holiday. Be blessed and be safe!

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Rick said...

Wow - I hadn't seen all these kind words you've written about me. Thanks, I had a lot of fun creating it - almost too easy.