Nov 3, 2007

Do you know how to?

Do you know how to embarrass your children beyond all belief?? Here's some directions: Put on your pajamas. Then your big fluffy bathrobe. A pair of your favorite socks and of course your pink fuzzy slippers (that arent very fuzzy anymore--or pink for that matter) put a green facial mask on and wrap your hair in curlers. Once you have dressed for this occasion...go to your 5 year old's Halloween party. Watch as her face turns from happy go lucky to sheer panic and disbelief! Of course after you have had a good time at her party and have gotten many looks from all of the 5 year olds in Kindegarten then go and pick up your 11 year old at school. Make sure while you are in the car-rider line you honk, roll down the window and wave madly. Make certain that every middle school student in the parking lot has at least caught a glimpse of you. You will quickly be able to pick out your child as they are the one that is doing her best to become part of the pavement and blend in. She is not claiming you at all...and the funniest thing....when she gets in the car she ducks down. Hahahaha! I KNOW her reputation is surely ruined for life now.

For Halloween night we went to visit Maw. She didnt recognize us but it was great to see her. The little ladies got a great kick out of us too. So it was fun. From there we went on to the church for the Halloween party there. Lots of candy and lots of fun costumes. I gotta say though, the very best one was this little boy. He went as an Itallian dinner. I dont know him so I blocked out his face just for the sake of being proper.

After the party we went trick or treating and then stopped by Baskin Robins for our free icecream for having costumes on. It was a big night. The girls got lots of candy and said they had a great time. It was good.

I apologize greatly that I dont have any cards to post. We have been working out in the rec room so my creating has been on a larger scale. Its fun out there and I am sooo anxious to get moved.

I will post when I can. I promise it wont take long before you are flooded with cards again.

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Anonymous said...

Becky, Your an evil Mommy!! LOL But, I can also tell your a good Mom too. Your kids should feel blessed to have a Mom like you!!