Oct 19, 2007


Its a great day in the neighborhood isnt it??

Things are going well here today. BUSY! As we are trying to load up and get ready for a fur event tomorrow. My pedal on my sewing machine is a pushed to the metal!

I have to tell you about a place I have been frequenting lately. AWESOME tallent here. Go to the SHACK and check it out. It is soo much fun!

These two cards are using up the rest of my prepared transparencies that I had dusted with the pearl essant powders. The card up there is using the window technique, where essentially the window is pealed back and curled. I used 4 brads to mount it on burgandy and whala! Hard to get decent pictures. The pumpkin is shiny and a really neato effect, but I wanted you to mostly see the rolled window. Down below is the leaf pattern.

Enjoy your day! Go! CREATE SOMETHING! Smile cause things are GOOOOOOOOOD!

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