Sep 19, 2007


Legos. Remember them? If you didn't play with them as a child I know as a parent you had to have stepped on a few, or sucked a few up in the vacuum. But did you know that they now have competitions and leagues with them?? Heather is in the school league and so far is having a really good time with all of the challenges there. They are building a robot, in which they will take to competition in December. Its good to see her on a team and even better to see her excited about something. Though, I gotta say I am OVER seeing the little pieces scattered about the floor. The kitten has a grand time batting them from Heather's room clear down to the utility room.

SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL. IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS. This was a fast card I did. One of our dear friends is in the hospital and it looks like will have a good bit of recovery time. Her husband is hanging on barely and its just a tough time. Wanted to send more than just my prayers. Its very simple. I stamped on a scalloped oval that was RAKed to me awhile back. Got some of my great flowers, mounted them with brads and went along the edges with the gelly roll pen.

Another quick card. The pocket is holding a penny and the inside says: FOUND PENNIES COME FROM HEAVEN, THAT IS WHAT MY GRANDMA TOLD ME. SHE SAID ANGELS TOSS THEM DOWN. OH, HOW I LOVED THAT STORY. SHE SAID WHEN AN ANGEL MISSES YOU, THEY TOSS A PENNY DOWN; SOMETIMES JUST TO CHEER YOU UP, TO MAKE A SMILE OUT OF YOUR FROWN. SO, DON'T PASS BY THAT PENNY FROM HEAVEN THAT AN ANGEL'S TOSSED TO YOU. This is from an email I got awhile back and thought it was a great sentiment for a card. I did stamp on the pink with little flowers and then inside I stamped a single flower image. This is for another friend who also is struggling with life issues.

Remember to be polite and thank God for your blessings today. For it is He that gives you all that you have.

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