Sep 16, 2007


A glorious weekend in Tennessee! Yesterday we were able to spend some much needed family time over at Ozone Falls. After the drought we have had, it was a relaxing and peaceful setting to finally see some running water. We ran around on the rocks, splashed in the water and then tredged our way back up to the top. The most awesome part of our view was that the water merely trickled over the edge. It splashed onto the rocks below and the made its way down to a pool of water a few feet away from that. But to the naked eye, that's where it stopped. No further streams, no further creeks. Just a pool. Walking further up the trail of course led to even more pools though. Imagine the water tunnels under ground. Imagine the beauty that only GOD could create. How often are we in a situation where we think we are at the end of the road? Left to wallow in a shallow pool? When God has so much more in store for us.

It was a serene time we spent together. Hearing only the water. Seeing only the nature. We are truly blessed.

One of our (meaning my Mother-in-law and I's) latest projects has been renovating our front porch. I am truly in love with it now and want to spend every waking moment out there. I switch between the swing and my rocking chairs. All just looking out over our property.

I am anxious to get busy with our next project! The I mean the new recreation room that is just waiting for a face lift!

I then have one more thing to share with you today. Its my most recent CASED idea. These colors I just love! Though, in my awful photography they are NO WHERE near as beautiful and vibrant as they are in real life. The paper is simple cardstock...chalked and embossed with my new Cuttlebug template. And then the stamp of course is from one of the great StampinUp! sets I got this week. The most exciting thing about this card is that underneath of the normal white brads I cut little holes and mounted them! Is that not COOL!? A little tag is attached with 3 different kinds of ribbon and of course all are mounted on black. It says: LET US BE GRATEFUL TO PEOPLE WHO MAKE US HAPPY- THEY ARE THE CHARMING GARDENERS WHO MAKE OUR SOULS BLOSSOM. GREAT FUN! Like I said, the layout design was CASED. I'd like to take full credit. But the only thing I can take credit for is being a really good copier.

Have a fantastic afternoon. Enjoy the sunshine and count your blessings. Go do something that you enjoy!

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